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The most valuable monument of medieval period in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Radimlja Tombstone Necropolis

The kind of tombstone called stećak started developing in early medieval necropolises around 12th century. The rise in power of those using them as tomb monuments gave more decorated and ornamented slabs with more inscriptions and clear Christian insignia. The most significant tombstones in this necropolis are the ones with characters represented in standing position with raised hand welcoming all passers-by. Necropolis Radmilja is one of the most valuable and most important necropolis tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to its visual qualities. It is assumed that it was created in the 14th century and is located in Vidovo field. However, the majority of its tombstones date from the 15th and 16th century. From 1967 the necropolis is a monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of 133 tombstones and most of them have prominent motifs with historical trefoil vines.

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