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The ‘picigin’ city


Aside from some of the main attractions of Split, like the Diocletian’s palace or the St. Dominus cathedral, other places also perfectly display the life of Split’s citizens. One of those places is the Marmont street that breathes history and modern facilities. Local anglers appreciate the Matejuska harbour, which was once the only harbour for sailors and fishermen that fed their families solely on what they caught. Among many Matejuska stories there is one ,which is specially moving – a story of Roko and Cicibela, poor fisherman couple who lived on a fishing boat and who survived thanks to their hard work and their indestructable love. The two most known markets are the Pazar and Peskarija markets. Built in Italian Prokurative style, they represent a square that’s established as the perfect stage for cultural events. When talking about Split during summer one must mention Bacvice, a beach known for the game Picigin and its courageous swimmers who open the season by playing in the shoal.


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Loads of fabulous images to take home from this biking adventure and meditate upon in gloomy winter days. Relax truly and completely nurture all your senses when cruising across the two countries.


This is Dalmatia at its best. Six days riding around the rivieras and islands, from Dubrovnik, across the rolling hills of Pelješac to Biokovo and the Neretva estuary with classic wine and dine options.