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The meeting point of ideas and skills of a human and the sea

Sea organ – Zadar

Sea Organ is a modern urban installation on the waterfront in Zadar that cascades down to the sea and stimulates the change in coastal movement, stop over and descent to the sea. The playful instrument has seven five-tone chords that were extracted from the matrix of Dalmatian a cappella singing. The energy of the sea in its constant changes of high and low tides never repeats itself in its music variations when playing this magnificent instrument. Sea Organ has become the relaxation and mediation spot that no visitor to the city can miss. Thanks to see’s energy and constant changes of tides, musical variations are never repeated while playing this magnificent instrument. Sea Organ is located on the west side of the waterfront, close to the San Salutation. The author of this unique combination of architecture and music is Nikola Basic. Interesting stairs stretch at 70 meters, and ornate the city of Zadar since 2005, when the ceremonial presentation was held. Sea Organs are now a place of relaxation and meditation that shouldn’t be missed.


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