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The legend of the island of Our Lady of the Rocks


Perast is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Boka, at the foot of the limestone hills of St. Elijah, in the north-eastern part of Boka Kotorska, on the cape that separates the bay of Risan bay from the Kotor. It was once the city of sailors, filled with anchored boats and known beyond the borders of Montenegro. Today, it is a peaceful place ideal for relaxation. There are no beaches but you will witness rich heritage full of baroque architecture, opulent palaces and churches. In front of its shore are two little islands. One of them is the St. George island where you can find a church and a monastery built by the Benedictines. The second islet is artificial, named Our Lady of the Rocks, a unique sight in all of Adriatic. Legend says that its citizens were the ones who started its construction right after two sailors recognized a shape of Virgin Mary with a child on one of the rocks back in 1452. From that day, a tradition among sailors was born – after a successful sail they would lay stones by the shore of Our Lady of the Rocks. The foundation of the island, in its depths hides hundreds of sailboats that were filled with rocks and sunk so that the island can stand still above the water. Later on, the residents built a church, and every year on 22nd of July there is a manifestation called Fašinada when after sunset a moving procession of boats loaded with rocks goes around the island and lays them by the shore.


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