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Island Visovac – most famous ''postcard'' of the NP Krka

National Park Krka

Not far away from Sibenik is the Krka river, declared a National Park in 1985. It has 7 waterfalls, which should be visited during spring and summer. When you cross the most beautiful part – Skradinski buk, you arrive at the ethno village where have a chance to see stone mills from the 19th century. After follows the so-called Educational path, which leads above travertine barriers and along which are many posters describing flora and fauna of river Krka, and its surroundings. It is important to mention that, aside from all these natural beauties, Krka also has two cultural and historical monuments. One of them is the Franciscan monastery on the Visovac island, and the other is the Krka monastery. Island Visovac is a part of the most valuable natural and cultural Croatian treasures. Visovac is known for its monastery dating from 1445 surrounded by the beauty of Visovac lake…a scenery of unique ambient entirety, and probably the most popular ‘postcard’ of the NP Krka.


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