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Renowned bridge over the Neretva River

Mostar - Old Bridge

The oldest arched bridge in Mostar is the Kriva Ćuprija over the river Radobolja. The bridge was built by Turkish architect Ćejvan Kethoda in 1558. This bridge is said to be a trial construction prior to building the Old Bridge. The Old Bridge was finished in 1556 and proclaimed an architectural achievement during the Ottoman reign in the Balkans. This single-arch stone bridge is a replica of the primarily constructed bridge over the Neretva River and designed by Hajrudin, a student of the renowned Ottoman architect Sinan. The Halebija and Tara towers housed the bridge guardians and which, during Ottoman rule, served as ammunition storage. After the reconstruction in 2004. it enlisted on the UNESCO's World Heritage list and now is a symbol of Mostar and Herzegovina.


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