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(Dubrovnik, october 31st 2013) High mountains, river canyons, dramatic coastlines and the roads that go along - there are many places to see with much of historic interest. The emphasis is on the excellent motorcycling through some of the most beautiful countryside and wildest nature of Europe. All tours are designed to be a relaxing holiday with many stops for having meals and refreshments, taking photographs, admiring the scenery and the major attractions so there will be no many hours spent in a saddle without a stop. The whole team, from the back office to tour leaders, makes every tour as perfect as possible with everything organized and riding smoothly. New riders are as welcome as the more experienced ones.

The tours are fully escorted by experienced tour leaders, however, if you prefer to make your own way, you are given the navigation and full details in the information pack to allow you to do so. The routes are designed to have many combinations so that the The Top Down across Dalmatia and Herzegovina can be combined with Up & Down Montenegro, for example. Daily tours take you to explore wonderful areas of Dubrovnik Riviera and the neighbouring countries. Rent'a'chopper option allows you to hit the road and discover many natural beauties on your own. However you take it, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

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