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The city - a breathing monument

Dubrovnik - A monument

UNESCO assessed the importance of the city thirty years ago while the Feast of St. Blaise is classified as an intangible cultural heritage. The Dubrovnik Republic organised the city and life therein to perfection. Monuments to living contemporaries where never raised during the Republic. Only Miho Pracat (seafarer) was worthy of this immense honour.  The most recurring monument is St. Blaise holding Dubrovnik in the palm of his hand. Its title of the most beautiful pearl of the Adriatic proudly carries on its almost intact city walls, surrounded by the azure blue sea. While its numerous beaches, coves and bays keep secrets of dreamers, Dubrovnik, bathed in sun, adorns its streets with orange and lemon trees...even in the winter months.


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Loads of fabulous images to take home from this biking adventure and meditate upon in gloomy winter days. Relax truly and completely nurture all your senses when cruising across the two countries.


This is Dalmatia at its best. Six days riding around the rivieras and islands, from Dubrovnik, across the rolling hills of Pelješac to Biokovo and the Neretva estuary with classic wine and dine options.


High mountains, national parks, rivers and their canyons, lakes and the sea, natural wild beauties, and historical and cultural treasures of Montenegro and its cities to be discovered day by day.